A user-friendly app to find the best spray calibration for your crop

We bring you an easy-to-use, scientifically developed tool to determine the actual deposition, that will be a game changer in agriculture to:

● improve spray applications
● reduce risk of poor control
● optimise the use of expensive resources
● minimise the impact of contamination on natural resources

How to get started

Step 1

Visit www.dropsight.ag, click on the blue “Client Registration/Login” button.

Step 2

If you have not located and acquired your LEAFLAB and UVIEW yet, select “Need to find a distributor first?” This will tell you where you can order these items from the closest distributor.

Step 3

Order your LEAFLAB and UVIEW from your closest distributor.

Step 4

Select “Register now”.

Step 5

Fill in your login and billing information.

Step 6

Choose your registration period, followed by your payment options and final payment. You are now a registered user of DROPSIGHT and ready to download and activate the DROPSIGHT app on your smartphone.

Step 7

On your smartphone, search and download “DROPSIGHT” on the Google Play/Apple Store or simply scan the QR code supplied on the website.

Step 8

Log in on the DROPSIGHT app on your smartphone and activate it by using your registered login information.

Step 9

You are ready to use DROPSIGHT technology!

Billions are spent on agricultural remedies annually, applied by spray machinery onto the crop to protect trillions in crop value from pests and diseases, but nobody knows whether the formulation reaches and settles on the intended target area.

How does it work?

Add the UVIEW Solution to the tank

Spray the trial

Harvest batch leaves

Follow the prompts on the DROPSIGHT app
and take photograph samples in LEAFLAB

Download your results from

measure spray deposition quantitatively in field

Typical DROPSIGHT results


The DROPSIGHT Smartphone application, combined with LEAFLAB and UVIEW, offer the complete solution to a quantitative analyses of UV tracer deposition levels on leaf surfaces.

  1. Follow the prompts to download and activate DROPSIGHT on your smartphone.
  2. Find the Distributer closest to you to acquire your LEAFLAB and UVIEW by clicking on the closest town/city on the dropdown menu.

Software Pricing

Per month

Scalable to your preference
R 300 ex vat
  • No recurring billing

3 Months

Save on bundle
R 850 ex vat
  • No recurring billing

6 Months

Save on bundle
R 1 600 ex vat
  • No recurring billing


Buy a year upfront and save 2 months
R 3 000 ex vat
  • No recurring billing
  • Purpose specification, completely miscible, UV fluid to be recognised by DROPSIGHT software when sprayed sample is placed in LEAFLAB
  • Safe product.
  • 2% Solution in clean water represents a 1 x (Dilute) reference application.
Suggested Retail Price: R230 / litre (VAT Incl)
  • Purpose developed and designed for plant leaf UV photography with DROPSIGHT.
  • UV LED lightning with specific wave length, intensity and uniformity to optimise fluorescence for smartphone photography when using UVIEW tracer.
  • Specialised background to allow DROPSIGHT software to accurately recognise leaf borders.
  • UV lens filter to minimise glare.
  • Manufactured from durable, lightweight material.
  • 12 V & 220/12V power supplies included.
Suggested Retail Price: R4 542,50 each (VAT Incl)